"We inspire and bring together women of all ages
to help make a better world."

What We Do

The Bliss Woman Network is a community of women with a purpose helping each other to support their community and causes they are passionate about and lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. 
We operate both at the local, national, and global levels.

Our Mission

To provide a global online meeting place for 'Women with a Purpose' enabling them to meet, share ideas, support and empower one another, explore common interests and business opportunities locally, nationally and globally.

Bliss Projects

In 2016 the Bliss Woman Network started the SustainableFood Garden Project in the Hospicio de San Jose Orphanage, Manila to help provide the daily food they need to feed disadvantaged and homeless people .

Host an event

By hosting your own 'party with a purpose' you can celebrate with family and friends and do good for your community at the same time by raising funds for good causes or charity near to your heart. -

Fundraise for your cause

Fundraise in any way you like, it’s all about making a difference your way. Big or small, at home, at work or anywhere else. You can raise funds and bring awareness within your community to help women in need at the same time and have lots of fun doing it!

Women Celebrating
Life With Purpose

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, ladies parties, family gatherings and milestones by ‘Giving For A Cause’ for your community.

By hosting your own ‘party with a purpose’ you can celebrate with family and friends and do good for your community at the same time by raising funds for good causes or charity close to your heart.



Bliss Woman Purpose

We invite women to join our shared mission to connect and bring together women from all walks of life around the world to celebrate life through community parties/events and initiatives to raise funds for their special charities, causes and community activities.

Bliss Woman Network support worthwhile causes and not-for-profit organisations that support women of all ages around the world. 

Your Party

Hospicio de San Jose cares for and feeds the poorest of the poor in Manila every day. To help provide the food they need, Bliss Woman Network launched the Food Garden Project Initiative in 2016.

This provides daily supplies of fresh, safe, healthy and nutritious food to all the people in their care, and for the carers who support them.

Donate to our Mission


Join us and get involved by volunteering to help us in women's projects & events

We welcome your support to help us promote our many projects.

                        Support Us

Bliss Woman Network
Tea, Talk And Workshop

18 January 2020

Bliss Woman Network had its first successful workshop in Delikase, Gold Creek Cultural Centre, Nicholls Canberra, Australia.
We would like to thank all who attended and
joined us in this celebration of women with
afternoon tea, talk, and Workshop - the topic is "Mindfulness and how to Maximise Your Potential" with guest speaker Lolita Flores Gibbon, an
experienced Transformational Life Coach.

BWN Donation
to Mental Health Program,
ACT Recovery College

16 December 2019

The Founder of Bliss Woman Network,
Tess Librando, and Evelyn Calagos presenting a cheque to Diana Burn, Manager of the ACT Recovery College.
The Cheque donation will help support the Mental Health Program of the College.

Gala event raise funds for
ACT Mental Health

At the beginning of November, some of the staff and students from the ACT Recovery College were invited guests to Bliss Woman's Network Inaugural Gala Ball held at The Abbey, Gold Creek.


Bliss Woman Network Gala Ball

Launch of Bliss Woman Network at The Abbey, Canberra, Australia

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Bliss Mama News

By Jamie Eske

Medical Health Today

How to strengthen
the lower back



By Bethany Cadman

Eating nuts during early pregnancy may boost a child’s cognitive ability, according to a new study by researchers in Spain.

Senior's News

Exercise is good for us, without a doubt. From lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, to increasing life expectancy, the benefits of physical activity are numerous, as countless studies have shown.

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