Bliss Parties & Events

Members  of the Bliss Woman Network can organise
and host their own events or parties to celebrate with family, friends and colleagues and help their community.

Manage and run your own party/event entirely as you choose.
It is private to you.


Remember, its your party! 
You can make it large or small, simple or exotic,
plain or elegant, just as you choose.

About Bliss Woman Network Parties

Member's Benefits & Rewards

  1)   Free Membership of Bliss Woman Network.

 2)  When you join you become a member of our
      Bliss Woman Family around the world.

 3)   Free Download of your personalised design
       invitation when you register your party or event.


 4)   Free advertising of your party on our website

       and Facebook page before the event if you
. Publish your party pictures in our    

       Gallery and Facebook page

 5)   Helpful connections and resources to plan, manage        and run your event as you choose.  Your party is
       absolutely private to you.

 6)   Advice and mentorship in business and social                  activity from experienced women with a purpose              around the world.

  6)   Advice on running your event and fundraising
       for your community. You can contact us on -

7)  The Bliss Woman member who achieves the
       fundraising target for the specific cause or charity
       will receive a Certificate as a memento and a 

       special gift from Bliss Woman Network for their
       humanitarian endeavour.


How Bliss Parties Works

 1)   Sign-up and be a Member of the worldwide Bliss              Woman Network.

 2)   Tell us your purpose and name your own
        community project, cause or new idea in
        business or charity you wish to raise  funds for.

 3)   Register your party or event on our website


4 )   To ensure a successful event you must state the               purpose or cause for which you are raising funds             on your invitation card.

 5)   Download your free personalised design invitation
       card and print and send it to your guests by
email,             post or personal invitation.
 5)  Once you have completed these simple but
       essential requirement, you are all set to and

       organise your event.


Remember, by hosting your event you
will enjoy a celebration with family and friends and at the same time
do good for your community



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