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Rose, Luz, Ellen, Ada,Edith, Cheri
Women in Business Conference
IHMC Ladies welcome lunch
Tess Librando, Founder of BWN
Bliss Woman Network, Philippines
Cheri Young, Bliss Woman Network, Philippine Representative and Tess Librando.
Nikki Young, BWN, CEO PH
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2019 Philippine Independence
Cecil Flores with the members of the Bliss Woman Network Team attended the Philippine Cultural Celebration hosted by the Philippine Cultural Society, ACT
Canberra, Australia
2019 Philippine Independence Celebration, hosted by the Philippine Cultural Society.
2019 Philippine Independence
Cecil Flores presenting the Trophy to the 2nd runner-up of the Philippine Independence Mrs Beauty Pageant.
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The Team of Bliss Woman Network
The Team of Bliss-Woman Network at the 121st Independence Day Celebration Event held in Canberra, Australia.
The Women Behind Bliss Network
The Bliss -Woman Network have a strong, empowered women representatives from all cultures leading the organisation.
The Bliss Women
Tess Librando & Julian Cribb
Tess, Cecil, Evelyn & Ivana
George & Julian,Cecil, Evelyn, Ivana
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